Transform your career with ASBS Global MBA. Study alongside Globally focused executives and gain the insight, network and international perspective to become a successful entrepreneur.

This unique exposure to global business outlooks, in the dynamic hubs of Europe (Germany, Italy and Croatia), Middle East and Russia, does more than accelerate your career. You gain the ability to operate as a successful leader capable of managing ambiguity and change in the global economy.

ASBS Global MBA enables you to handle the elements of a business by your finger-tips. Based upon the remarkable theory of Dos Manos Teoria (the Two Palm Theory); It helps you to understand and operate the ten essential elements on a global level so as to become a successful entrepreneur. The left hand depicts Revenue-Cost-Structure-Process-People as the necessary pillars to each and every business model while the right hand showcases Marketing-Finance-Systems-Hrd & operations as the crucial business functions. The meeting of the two palms (through a fold) completes the body of any business model in the world. ASBS trains aspirants through the two palm theory and succours them to perceive the elements residing over their fingers.

The objective of ASBS Global MBA is two-fold:

  • Understanding the nuances of business and training the aspirants over various aspects of a business.
  • Providing them an exposure to the global market so as to become International Pioneers.
DurationLanguageInternational Period ModulesFaculty Students
21 monthsEnglishMinimum 3 weeks*8 Modules(Dos Manos Teoria (DMT))16 Different Nationalities32 Different Nationalities

Incubator Accelerator Training in Ljubljana : Both incubators and accelerators promote the growth of innovative companies and help startups grow. Incubator programs include several forms of mentorship and support in early stages. Business accelerators offer business advisory services to minimise lack of experience errors or management problems, and are meeting, training and networking spaces for startups.

Industrial Visits in Germany, Italy  & Croatia: Gain access to outstanding academic research cutting edge business practice and connections to Europe’s business hub through counties like Germany, Italy & Croatia. You benefit from unrivalled access to some of the most influential markets, organizations and business leaders. Designed for professionals who want to accelerate their businesses to the global market and become International Tycoons.

Multi Culture Training in Ethnomir Russia: 

ETHNOMIR is a unique project featuring a small model of the diverse Earth population in a territory of about 90 ha. When completed the park will include 52 compounds – each dedicated to the culture of a specific nationality. The compounds will feature a group of buildings built in the traditional ethnical style: a hotel, craft shop, museum, restaurant with traditional cuisine, souvenir shop, and other facilities typical of this or that ethnicity. Each community has its own tradition keeper, who can tell about the precious culture of his or her nation conveyed through traditions, festivals, crafts, folklore, mythology, architecture, history, national cuisine, and traditional medicine. The key principle behind the ETHNOMIR concept is equality of all cultures regardless of economic development level or international status of a given country. The project will be fully completed by 2019.

Any guest visiting ETHNOMIR can stay at an ethnic style hotel (a felt yurt, a rawhide tent or an Indian tipi and  enjoy the atmosphere and culture of each presented country.

Multi lingual training in Spanish, Russian & French at Mumbai

AICTE post graduation certification in Management with functional  Specialisation or Entrepreneurship  in India 

  • Rural India Immersion in Konkan: The 2008 recession exposed major flaws in the work-style and target areas of many companies. While some were struck down deeply, a few managed to survive by taking one simple and effective step. The rural market that was untouched by most of the firms was now an open field to generate profit. Due to this success it has now become a major game-changer for many companies both nationally and internationally.

          Students at Akademia will now be provided an opportunity to connect the classroom learnings with ground realities in the konkan belt. The comprehensive picture of rural societies and culture helps them to become a lucrative Entrepreneur who is able to understand rural households and act likewise. With the government focusing largely on projects like Rural Development Interventions in the konkan region, it has now become a hub for both Entrepreneurs and Management aspirants to learn and take their businesses to a new height.

Hospitality model in Goa: India has been known for its welcoming aura and hospitality since the very beginning. A locality filled with warm-hearts and diverse culture, Goa has been ranked 6th in the world for its hospitality and nightlife. A great destination to learn as well as enjoy at the same time, the city has peeked the interest of many business tycoons to expand their reach. Good food, good people and good locality provide a perfect blend of hospitality management and learnings for Management aspirants. Field visits to various regions in Goa ensure the cultivation of exemplary entrepreneurs.

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