CEO Nilesh Sarawate Receiving Highr Education Forum's "Innovation Award"

A new age organization in the management education sector, IEIBS AKADEMIA caters to the stakeholders of this industry mainly students/B-Schools/Government and Corporates. Our methods pivot around the idea of building a bridge between stakeholders through innovation in the already saturated Indian Market.

Introducing ourselves as the first MBA solutions organization, we have been instrumental in converting many low performing B-Schools into one of the top in the city/state in the past 10 years Our first client being SYMBIOSIS for the eco-inject program, Akademia also orchestrated the MBA Bridge Program in association with BCIDS under the guidance of S.P.Jain Institute of Management and research. Our present associations include ASBS, Oriental School of Business, UKS, HKIMSR, MUIMRC in Mumbai and ISMR in Pune.

An Institutional Member at CEEMAN, which boasts institutes like Cologne Business School, Glasgow School for Business & Society, Singapore Management Society and many more, Akademia his now creating a network through all of these members. Our international immersion partner IEDC BLED, Slovenia plays a vital role in the global development of our students.

Through our talent bridge MBA process, that involves training in consultation with experts from the industry and trainers, we help the students to understand the requirements of the industry/corporate and hence train them likewise. Akademia has structured its program through Dos Manos Teoria (Akademia IPR), which captures the essence of MBA education in 2 palms of a human hand.

Akademia is also the first Global Education Risk Management Organisation. An indicative risk that most MBA graduates carry is their inability to create a global network with Global/ European MBA students & Global Corporate houses. In addition, most MBA graduates run a risk of non-orientation towards global cultures & global exposure. Akademia’s Global Immersion Program is an attempt to mitigate/manage these risks.

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