Akademia Global Management Program is an attempt to make participants stand out in the crowded MBA market.  Under this program all participants are given an additional ‘Post Graduate Domain Certificate “in addition to the conventional  2 years AICTE approved MBA certification ( AICTE –Ministry of HRD approved PGDM/ Mumbai University’s MMS/ Pune University’s MBA).

In other words AGMP= ASBS PGDM/ASBS MMS + PGP-Respective Domain).

AGMP is also ASBS MBA but with an additional domain centric certification. Conventional PGDM/MMS gets a function centric (single or dual) certification in Marketing/Finance /Systems/HRD/Operations. However these functional specialisations are themselves so vast & broad that it is extremely difficult to distinguish between 2 candidates having PGDM-Marketing certification.

Hence it is important that every ASBS MBA student develops an expertise in some generic / niche areas so as to give them that edge in the competitive corporate world to excel through the domain based training & certification.

No: AGMP was always the designed flagship program of akademia. However in the 1st 8 years of operation – the number of ASBS MBA students were around the 150 mark and it was feasible to train students through add on generic training programs. However with ASBS-MBA already in the 350 student bracket and growing : it is important that ever student is given the necessary mentoring – is given the capability set in an area of choice – and that’s only possible through personalised /customised support –training in niche areas that are close to students ‘Career Choices’.

The answer is simple–  Under AGMP every student is always given his desired 2 years fulltime AICTE approved PGDM/ MMS from any of the akademia supported B-school plus an add on certificate ‘ PGP-Respective Domain.  For example an ASBS MBA student chooses to avail PGDM from ASBS-HKIMSR  plus a domain in digital marketing ; he or she will get PGDM( HK) + PGP-Digital Marketing from akademia.

A domain is a niche area within a sector or industry or a function or an intersection /combination of sector –function across a predefined Geography/ Geographies. Examples of common chosen domains include A- ‘Digital Marketing (Generic)’: B- Digital Marketing (Pharmaceuticals) – though both are domains – the difference between A & B is – self explanatory through the brackets.

Yes IIM-A – a premier B-school has an option of providing ‘elective based specialisation ‘– wherein the choice rests with a faculty role out on an elective (domain) & invites participants for the same . Many IV league MBA institutions offer various domains and actually known for one or two specific domains. For example Harvard Business School (HBS) – Leadership, Kellogg’s School of Business – Brand Consulting: Ashridge –Pharmaceutical consulting etc.

Though Akademia is making every attempt to provide every sought after domain by its ASBS MBA participants: the following table is an indicative list of all domains offered –

Real Estate ConsultingNONOYESNONONONO
Investment Banking AnalyticsNONOYESNONONONO
Any Other - subject to DAC approval NONONONONONOYES

Students have a choice to choose any of the aforesaid domains –however for all those students who may seek support to choose their domain- a domain advisory cell has been created under the leadership of akademia –CEO-Mr.Nilesh Sarawate.

Yes AGMP will help all MBA participants on placement front due to the following reasons –

         a. Resume- The resume will carry – students of ASBS-AGMP program that details out 2 certificates –

i.PGDM- International School of Management & Research ( ISMR)- AICTE approved & approved by HRD ministry –GOI

ii.PGP- Digital Marketing from Akademia

         b.The corporate world looks at the resume – as that of a professional with skills in that particular domain little better than his / her compatriot.

         c. The Resume has a movement from institute centric focus to domain centric focus – a huge advantage for placements – since most corporate HR departments have a Tier ( 1-4)mechanism of classifying MBA students . Hence is the best choice for students who don’t pass out from top 30 B-schools in the country.

  • Upgrade to AGMP from conventional ASBS-PGDM/ ASBS-MMS program.
  • Pay the token amount & indicate the domain
  • Documentation formalities of AGMP
  • 1st session-one-2-one with Domain Advisory Cell( DAC)
  • Draw the Plan using any of the following Domain Pedagogic Approach—either one or combination as decided in consultation with DAC

          D—Direct Training approach – minimum 12 contacts of in class training

          O- optimal balance approach of Theory through – Practice

          M-mentoring approach – means the assigned mentor will give micro projects and guide the candidate to sail through – followed by evaluation at every step

          A—aggregate sector analysis– Analysing the chosen domain across global geographies – across countries to aggregate domain learning. This is under the guidance of DAC to structure the Domain as a course of independent study.

          I- Integration of CIS as domain coupled with internship in the same chosen area (either summer internship or otherwise).

         N- Nanoistic approach to build glossary of parameters / concepts involved in the domain.

  • Irrespective of the Domain pedagogy chosen – make an attempt to present the findings / learning’s through paper or publication to authenticate the study – & feature in the participants resume lifelong.
  • Semester 2- Foundation and Frame work – CIS completion under the guidance of mentor /trainer.
  • Semester 3- Presentation/ Paper/ Publication focus under the guidance of DAC.

The PGP-Domain component of AGMP commences beginning of 2nd semester and goes on till the end of 3rd semester – spread across every week and interspersed with the conventional semester 2 & 3 training program of MBA.

Yes- since all domains is offered under the guidance / mentorship of an industry practioner / professional with domain centric industry experience – it automatically gets the industry endorsements that one is looking at.

The additional Upgradation fees are Rs. 100K for 2016-18 batch students. However this is offered to existing ASBS MBA students – the Upgradation fees is Just Rs.50000/- to be paid before the 2ndsemester commences.

All ASBS-MBA students can pay a token of Rs.15000/- before the external exam of 1st semester with their choice of domain. The domain chosen can be outside the aforesaid indicative list – and will be finalised after deliberation with the ‘Domain advisory cell’.

Yes this option has been created – However the Upgradation fees will be Rs.100000/- in this case.

3 Best performing AGMP students who have demonstrated unparalleled skills, those who have excelled as per their Domain mentor will get a scholarship equivalent of their 2nd year ASBS-MBA fees. In addition up to 50% of total AGMP chosen domain is above par will have choice to pay their 2nd year fees only after they are placed and have started earning corporate salaries. Selection of these students will purely be done by the ASBS- managing committee.

Yes – All AGMP students have the option to avail the European immersion by paying the necessary fees.

No- the ASBS-MBA program itself is very extensive and makes an attempt to cover all areas of all possible functions like marketing- finance –systems-operations & HR. To cover all the aforesaid domains is next to impossible and the fact of the matter is not every student would be interested in learning all domains.

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